The smarter way to manage Employee Relations

Labourteq™ is a novel solution that uses the power of technology to proactively manage your Employee Relations (ER), reducing risks and costs, saving time and supporting fair workplaces. 

Labourteq™ Digital Employee Relations (ER) solution

Labourteq™ has been created to offer South African employers a powerful resource they have never had before:
An Employee Relations (ER) Cloud-based solution that:

Drives fair workplaces

Labourteq™ assists companies to act consistently and in a legally compliant manner.

Reduces risks and costs

Labourteq™ minimises mistakes and unfairness through a proactive, consistent approach.

Offers business insights

Labourteq™ enables you to see the bigger picture and take remedial action based on reliable data.

Supports remote & hybrid workplaces

Labourteq™ addresses ER issues digitally in the new remote and hybrid world of work.

Labourteq™ Cloud-based Digital Employee Relations (ER) system

As a secure Cloud-based solution comprising dynamic workflows, Labourteq™:

Supports the proactive management of Misconduct and Poor Performance issues in the workplace; and

Reduces a firefighting approach by supporting constructive, legally compliant, and fair engagement with employees.

Labourteq™ – The smart way to transform your Employee Relations (ER) today.

Key Features

Dynamic Misconduct and Incapacity Poor Performance workflows

Guidance exactly when you need it

Task reminders and notifications

Legally compliant documents

Desktop and tablet compatible

Print a CCMA file at the click of a button

Multiple options for serving documents to employees

Proactive alerts to deviations from codes and policies

Detailed audit trails

Accessible to users with disabilities

Interaction with email and calendars

Single repository ER tool

The Labourteq™ Digital Employee Relations story

Our Story 

The genesis of Labourteq™ can be traced back to the early 2000’s when Dr. Laurentia Truter and Chantel Heron met at a large professional services firm, where they spent many years collaborating in the areas of employment law and HR. From the word go, they not only enjoyed working together, but had loads of fun, in the process recognising their like-mindedness and similar values.

Following various career moves, the two reconnected in 2018. Shortly after their reunion, a single conversation resulted in the birth of the Labourteq™ vision, namely to:

  • Fundamentally transform the way in which ER was approached in South African workplaces by moving the discipline into the digital realm, and
  • Build a high quality, intuitive ER solution that not only reduces risks and costs, but becomes a business tool that companies love to use.

Throughout the entrepreneurial journey, the collaboration has gone from strength to strength with Labourteq™ entering the market in 2021.

Both Chantel and Laurentia have a healthy disregard for mediocrity, love to innovate, and believe that a fair balance must be struck between the interests of employers and employees in tough situations, like ER processes. Ethical behaviour in all their business dealings is key.

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The smarter way to manage Employee Relations


For Norman Goodfellows, Labourteq was a game-changer to manage risk nationally a whole lot better than before.

Jason McEvoy

CEO, Norman Goodfellows

Labourteq has offered Zeda a simple, intuitive, and holistic Cloud ER solution. Our line managers are loving the efficiency with which they’re able to execute ER tasks.

Liebe Spies

Special Projects: Enterprise Enablement, Zeda

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Take no short cuts…

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