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LabourTeq Frequently Asked Questions - ER System
Who owns the Labourteq™software?

Labourteq™ Solutions (Pty) Ltd, a company duly incorporated in accordance with South African company laws, owns the intellectual property of the software. All and any use of the system is copyright protected.

Is the software Web-based?

Yes, it is. All functionality is available on a Web browser. We currently support the following browsers: Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Internet Explorer, and Firefox

How does Labourteq™'s licensing and pricing model work?

Pricing is based on the size of your workforce. An annual subscription is payable  that includes the software, maintenance and support. A maximum number of users and storage space apply, whereafter any additional costs incurred will be agreed with your upfront. Legally, the same workflow applies and all clients receive the full Misconduct and Incapacity Poor Performance modules. 

We also have options available for SMMEs which entails future versions of our software included in your subscription. New versions include new features, system enhancements, bug fixes, and so on. Contact us if you are interested.

Can Labourteq™ be integrated with third party software?

Labourteq™ offers boutique software addressing a specialist area of HR and operates as a stand-alone solution. We can integrate with your current Payroll system to obtain basic employee information. Integration to other systems is also possible, with the interface depending on factors such as the type of data required and synchronisation frequency. Contact us if you want to find out more.

Is Labourteq™ a Cloud-based solution?

Yes, it is. We will move your ER activities to a safe and secure Cloud environment that complies with all data protection requirements. Labourteq™ is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and technical support teams provide the required back-ups.

How does Labourteq™ handle support?

First-line support is usually handled by trained employees at the client, who we call Company Administrators. Second-line support is offered by Labourteq™’s resources and is covered in the subscription fee, specifying the level of support, rates, response times and available support hours. Additional or excess requirements can be discussed and quoted for. We also have a skilled team that addresses technical support and maintenance requirements. Requests can  be sent to our support email address at Keep in mind that Labourteq™ requires remote access to your user profiles to provide efficient support. For more information, please contact us.

Can I purchase individual modules?

We currently offer Misconduct and Incapacity Poor Performance modules, which include a dispute referral reporting function. This package is sold as a holistic solution set for the most commonly experienced problems in the workplace. In time as other modules are added, you will be able to purchase the ones you require as add-ons.

Can Labourteq™develop client specific requirements and customisations?

We can, depending on the nature of the requirements.  Customised development is handled on a project basis and quoted for separately. Client requests in this regard are also evaluated in terms of the general enhancement of our products. Some requests will be added to our normal development pipeline and can become available as a standard feature in a future version.

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