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Labourteq™ will support you not only in transitioning ER into the digital space, but also in boosting constructive and fair engagement with employees, and reducing risks and costs.

Labourteq™ ER solution Misconduct Module
The Labourteq™ Misconduct module

Misconduct Module

Misconduct occurs when an employee contravenes a workplace rule or commits a material breach of his/her employment contract.  This constitutes implied fault on the part of the employee, either in the form of negligence or intent. 

The Labourteq™ Misconduct module allows for:


A more informal disciplinary discussion process in cases of minor misconduct;


A full disciplinary hearing workflow, including step-by-step guidance on dealing with serious or habitual incidents of misconduct; and


Investigative and suspension processes which will guide you to make decisions at critical points by answering simple questions, after which you will be directed to the correct workflow.

Can you afford to wait to begin the change to tech-driven ER?

Incapacity Poor Performance Module

A situation of Incapacity Poor Performance arises when an employee is allegedly incapable of doing his/her job due to some perceived lack of skill, knowledge, ability, or efficiency required to meet the employer’s performance standards. These performance shortfalls are not perceived to be intentional or negligent. 

The Labourteq™ Incapacity Poor Performance module will:


First guide you through an employee discussion to determine the reasons for perceived performance shortfalls, confirming it is indeed an incapacity issue prior to pursuing a further course of action.


Provide workflow options including informal counselling, commencing a formal performance improvement process and plan (PIP), or embarking upon an incapacity hearing. Again, you will be guided throughout to ensure procedural fairness, yet progress sufficiently to either correct performance shortfalls or take remedial actions for continued or serious shortfalls.

Labourteq™ Incapacity Misconduct and poor performance module

Noteworthy Points:

  • While Labourteq™ provides you with real-time guidance, talking points and embedded resources to guide you along the way with both Misconduct and Incapacity Poor Performance, it is imperative to separate the two matters, as they deal with different issues and require different procedures not to fall foul of labour legislation. 
  • Template documents are automatically generated as the various processes unfold.
  • Details of dispute referrals pertaining to particular workplace matters as well as data regarding disputes can be captured in our abbreviated Dispute Module.
  • Most employees are not users of the software, rather only the persons tasked to manage ER activities in your workplace.

In the pipeline:

We are developing further modules, including Grievances, Retrenchments and Incapacity due to Medical Reasons or Disability. These additions will soon be available providing you with a full-suite digital ER solution. 


Labourteq™ analytics

If asked right now, would you be able to show in an instant:

  • How many active warnings you have running?
  • The success rate of your Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs)?
  • The number and financial implications of disputes referred to the CCMA? 

Are you aware of the type of transgressions happening in different geographies, functions or job levels?

Are you able to:

  • Identify escalations in misconduct or poor performance issues quickly, and intervene to analyse and manage the root causes behind these challenges?

More often than not, the answer to these questions is no.

The ER Challenge

ER information is typically scattered across offices, captured in uncoordinated spreadsheets (if at all), and rarely analysed in any meaningful way. Management teams have little visibility into the real status of their ER risks and trends and head offices and holding companies even less into ER activities in distributed sites and subsidiaries.

The LabourTeq™ Leap

Enabling you to see the bigger picture, Labourteq™ will enable you to take remedial actions based on reliable data. Harnessing our beautiful and relevant dashboards, you will have real-time business insights at your fingertips, and a sound basis to address systemic issues in your company. 

The cherry on the cake is that you don’t need to do anything ‘extra’ to surface this rich information. Simply run your processes on Labourteq, and your analytics are built in real-time based on decisions and outcomes.

Labourteq™ typical users include executives, IR managers, line managers and HR business partners


Labourteq™ is the optimum value-added solution for: 

  • HR executives
  • IR managers
  • HR business partners 
  • Line executives and business owners
  • Line managers
  • HR / IR consultants 
  • Labour brokers

Value-add Services

System implementation

The initial set-up and system implementation are key to the successful use of Labourteq™.

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To this end, we will engage with your main user, known as the Company Administrator, to ensure a successful implementation at a once-off cost added to your first subscription fee.

The system is intuitive and easy to use with a set of frequently asked questions to guide you.


System implementation is supported by once-off administrator and user training.

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Training can be either online or in-person. The administrator and user training sessions are part of your first subscription fee. This will ensure that your team gets to know and understand the system, what it can do for them and how to reap its full benefits. 

Should you require additional training, let’s talk!


Labourteq™ is a business tool that helps you minimise costly consultant and lawyer fees.

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However, sometimes you may need a little extra advice or professional support. We can assist you with professional guidance and case management at an hourly rate or project based fee to be agreed upfront. 

A detailed Curriculum Vitae (CV) of our specialist consultants is available on request.

Chairing your hearings

Having an independent, objective chairperson to chair workplace disciplinary or incapacity hearings, is imperative and part of your procedural fairness obligations.

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Your own internal resources may be up to the task, but it could happen that you need a skilled external chairperson and don’t know where to look. We have a pool of seasoned chairpersons that can assist you at an hourly rate or fee estimate which can be provided on request. 

Should you be interested, contact us and we will provide you with profiles of chairpersons to choose from.

Change management

Launching a system is the easy part. Adopting a new digital way of working and making your users feel at ease, may require some extra effort.

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Labourteq™ is fully geared to support you in managing change and ensure product adoption in your workplace. In short, our people-focused approach is aimed at enabling new ways of working and accelerating use of the solution. 

Let us know if you require a helping hand in this regard – we will go the extra mile for you.

Interpretation of reports

The generation of analytics which report on your ER activities is core to Labourteq™.

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Should you need further assistance in analysing and interpreting the data gathered, identifying ER trends or formulating pro-active remedial measures, we are just a phone call or email away.


Labourteq™’s pricing model is based on the size of your workforce. It is simple and transparent, and designed to incentivise optimal usage of the solution.

Contact us to find out more about how Labourteq™’s pricing model works for you.

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