Support & Learning

We help you to put your people at the heart of your ER transformation journey.

Labourteq™ ER solution Support & Learning

Solution Support

We will work with you to resolve any issues quickly and optimise the implementation of Labourteq™ in your own environment. 

If you need help, simply reach out. We have multiple and well-defined support layers, designed to ensure that any issues are resolved not only quickly, but fully.

Labourteq™ Resources embedded throughout the ER solution


Labourteq™ is much more than a set of workflows and transactions. Embedded throughout the ER solution, are resources designed to empower you to meet your procedural and substantive fairness obligations with confidence.

These resources include:

  • Short tips and reminders
  • Talking points for discussions
  • Detailed guidelines on principles, procedures and best practice
  • Workflow schematics
  • E-learning on modules
  • FAQ

These added groundbreaking benefits are the glue that binds the Labourteq™ ER solution together.  Utilising them will turn you into an ER expert in no time!

Bringing your people on board

The ER Challenge

While launching a system is the easy part, some of your team may find adopting new digital working methods challenging. Depending on your operational model, system users may include HR business partners, IR specialists, line executives and/or line managers.

The Labourteq™ Leap

Our ER transformation process is people-focused, enabling new ways of working while accelerating and optimising use of the system through communications, skills and capability development measures.  We can help you manage your users’  digital ER journey.

Contact us to find out how we can help you with the transformation and, if necessary, the transition to Cloud.