Why Labourteq™?

Proudly South African, Labourteq™ is a novel ER solution that addresses the specific challenges and requirements of the local workplace. It enables confident and strategic management of ER.

Proudly South African, Labourteq™ is a novel ER solution built to address the specific challenges and requirements of the local workplace.

What Labourteq™ can do for you

Labourteq™ has been custom-designed to:

Reduce risk and costs

Minimise mistakes and unfairness through a proactive, consistent approach. 

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Are your ER costs unnecessarily high? Do you want to mitigate your ER risks proactively?

Substantial risk is involved if ER issues are dealt with poorly or reactively. Costs can escalate quickly when things go wrong, whether at dispute phase or even sooner. Information lost or inaccurately captured due to paperwork mishaps means employers can’t defend their processes even when they have been compliant. Poorly managed cases also create reputational risk. 

Using Labourteq™, step in before mistakes are made. Compliance obligations are built into the solution every step of the way, which will lower the risk of disputes arising in the first place. If they do, you will be in a stronger position to defend your processes and decisions. Information is automatically retained as you use Labourteq™. Risks and costs overall are better managed and reduced. 

Scrap paperwork and save time

Replace inefficient, old-school, manual processes with a secure Cloud solution. 

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Are you ready to leave the frustration of paperwork behind, streamline ER tasks and save time?  

Dealing with ER issues manually is incredibly time-consuming and inefficient. Running around trying to find paper records on a current case or historical issues is a frustrating reality for most employers. 

Moving ER from a paper environment to the digital domain means all histories will be retained online with lost documentation becoming a thing of the past.  

Labourteq™’s automated features and communications will enable you to manage both ER issues and your time more efficiently. But that’s not all. Our built-in controls will save you even more precious minutes and hours by automating everyday case management tasks. 

Empower your teams

Empower your teams through real-time guidance and embedded resources.

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Do you need teams that can confidently and independently take the right steps at the right time? 

Let’s be frank, dealing with ER issues can be complex and stressful. HR and line managers are often overwhelmed or lack the necessary ER experience. Consequently, despite their best efforts, avoidable mistakes are made. Alternatively, companies become unnecessarily dependent on expensive consultants and legal firms.  

Labourteq™ demystifies and simplifies ER legislation so that employers are empowered to manage their ER processes more independently. Teams have real-time guidance, talking points and embedded resources at their fingertips.  

Connect and collaborate

Connect the relevant role players on an ER case and enable efficient, real-time collaboration.

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Are you primed for real-time communication and collaboration? 

Companies typically work in silos when managing ER, neglect to properly communicate across functions and geographies, and struggle to manage cases in an organised way. 

Labourteq™ enables teams to collaborate online, access the same information at the same time, and, aided by complete data, execute ER actions quickly and correctly. Teams can learn from each other’s experiences and avoid repeating mistakes.   

Extract and act on ER data and insights

Extract real-time ER data and trends to identify root cause issues and act systemically to reduce risk. 

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Is there opportunity for you to surface and analyse your ER data to obtain business insights, and drive change?  

ER information is typically scattered across locations or functions, captured in uncoordinated spreadsheets (if at all), and rarely analysed in any meaningful way. Management teams have little visibility into the real status of their ER risks and trends while head offices or holding companies often have poor visibility into practices taking place in distributed sites or subsidiaries. 

Labourteq™ helps you see the bigger picture so that you can identify the root causes driving ER activity in your business. Harnessing beautiful and relevant dashboards, the solution will deliver real-time data at your fingertips, which will enable you to take remedial action based on reliable data. 

Promote fair workplaces

Act consistently, in a legally compliant manner, and reinforce a positive, trust-based culture. 

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Are you striving for fairness and consistency in your ER function but find it challenging to achieve? 

It’s easy for companies to act unfairly when ER processes are run without proactive controls. This inevitably leads to low morale, toxicity in the workforce, unhappy teams, and disputes. Relationships break down between managers and employees. 

Labourteq™ assists companies to act consistently and in a legally compliant manner. Deviations from codes and policies are flagged upfront. Company precedents can be accessed at any time. All of this supports consistency and builds trust. Employees feel that they are being treated fairly and respectfully, resulting in a more positive workforce.

Secure confidential data in one place

Secure and retain all sensitive ER data in one place, and never lose a document or case history again. 

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Are you equipped to address increasing data protection obligations?  

Spread between desks, files and unsecured emails, highly sensitive and confidential employee data is often not securely retained. In terms of the POPI Act, this puts the employer at risk of potential fines and even criminal liability.  

Labourteq™ is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), which means your ER data is centralised and readily available in one location. Your data is backed up and protected by multiple layers of security. Strict access controls ensure that only the relevant role players for each case have access to the information.  

Make better decisions

Facilitate consistent decision-making and improved coordination in distributed workplaces.

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Does the idea of making informed, confident decisions on ER issues, versus simply doing damage control, sound appealing? 

Many employers share that they repeat mistakes, feel compelled to make decisions with incomplete information, and intuitively know that there is wide variation in how different parts of the workplace apply codes and policies, but don’t know how to fix these patterns.  

Add to this mix the complex structures of distributed and holding company environments, with spans of operations covering, for example, multiple regions, sites, offices, factories, stores, mines and subsidiaries. Often, ER decisions taken in one part of the workplace directly contradict and undermine decisions taken in other areas. 

With Labourteq™, finally experience a tool that drives consistency in the application of codes and procedures. Not only that, create a learning mindset in your ER function where teams can learn from each other due to access to case precedents and accurate information, and in so doing, constantly improve the quality of ER decisions. 

Manage ER in the new world of work

Manage ER issues digitally in the new remote and hybrid world of work. 

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Are you ready to align your ER practices with a dramatically changed world?   

The digitisation of business functions, including HR, had been well underway prior to 2020. Then the Covid pandemic struck. Virtually overnight, business locations closed, and operations restructured, with employees obliged to work from home, on rotation or on a hybrid basis.  

These fundamental shifts are here to stay. By and large, companies are extending flexible work arrangements adopted during Covid as permanent policies. ER functions need to catch up to accommodate this new paradigm. 

Labourteq™ enables employers to manage their ER in this new context in an agile, effective, and professional way. Wherever employees are based, or however teams are configured, you will be able to run your ER processes digitally, in a speedy and compliant way. At the same time, the quality of your communication with employees will be enhanced. 

Access legally compliant resources

Configure the solution to drive your own Codes and Policies or use Labourteq™’s legally compliant resources. 

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Are you motivated to improve internal compliance and consistency across your workplace?  

Embedded in the Labourteq™ solution are legally compliant resources to which you have immediate and unlimited access. This includes Misconduct and Poor Performance policies and procedures, Notice of Hearing templates, sanction letters and Performance Improvement Plans (PIPs).  

Alternatively, you can set up the solution to drive your workplace’s own Codes, Policies and Procedures. 

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The smarter way to manage Employee Relations

What makes Labourteq™ unique?

Labourteq™ goes far beyond anything you’ll find online


Anyone can access thousands of ER templates or documents online. The downside is that employers need to spend time assessing the credibility of these resources which are often disconnected from their own processes. 


Labourteq™, in contrast, is NOT a repository of templates or a place to merely capture case outcomes. Containing dynamic workflows and serving as an interactive business tool, the system has been designed to take your ER practices to the next level.

Capturing the outcomes of an ER process is entirely reactive and administrative. This task does nothing to mitigate risk from the start of an ER issue or help employers to run their processes efficiently.

Labourteq™ = Tech-enabled ER


Fundamental operational shifts are transforming HR strategies and practices. In the new digital world of work escalated by the Covid pandemic, paper-based processes have become unmanageable and obsolete and are increasingly replaced with technology-enabled solutions driving employee engagement.  


Labourteq™ will support you not only in transitioning ER into the digital space, but also in boosting constructive and fair engagement with employees, and reducing risks and costs. Solve your ER challenges by putting flexible Cloud-based technology to work for you.

Covid has changed everything


The world was not prepared for Covid-19 or it’s far-reaching impact and the world of business was no exception. With no choice but to innovate to survive, executive and HR teams have had to find entirely new ways of engaging with employees while managing remote, hybrid and flexible models of work. In particular, Covid has driven an expedited transition to digital engagement models.

ER is, by definition, massively impacted by these changes. How does HR engage with employees in Misconduct or Poor Performance processes when they and their managers are working online from home? While paper-based engagement has become unsustainable and impractical, the obligations for consistent, fair and professional ER practices not only remain, but are on the increase.


Labourteq™ will empower your businesses to make this leap, with a secure Cloud-based solution that seamlessly connects employees and managers.

Built for the South African context


The relationship between employers and employees in South Africa is regulated by a complex network of laws demanding substantive and procedural fairness. While many employers are already challenged and often overwhelmed by the application of these laws, the situation is exacerbated by the evolution of South African case law and the pressure on employers to remain compliant.


Labourteq™ uses technology to codify South Africa’s labour legislation in a simple and intuitive way to enable you to sustainably meet your obligations with greater speed and efficiency. 

As new laws and amendments are released, our experts will quickly integrate these changes and precedents into our workflows which means you hit the ground running when it comes to applying these changes.

Labourteq™ ER Solution

Are you ready to migrate to an ER solution that captures and updates legal compliance requirements so that you don’t have to?

Security & Privacy

Labourteq™ is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), one of the world’s most secure cloud services, which means your data will be encrypted and secure. Labourteq™ is also POPIA compliant, so you can rest assured that your employees’ personal information is secure and protected.